Interactive African Transformation Index

Click on one of the letters of D-E-P-T-H below to see how countries scored on each of the five subindexes.

Comparing African Countries on Transformation

To compare African countries among themselves, we developed a subindex for each of the five main aspects of economic transformation and combined them to form an index, the African Transformation Index. Countries are compared for three-year periods centered on 2000 and 2010 (1999–2001 and 2009–11). The comparison is for Sub-Saharan Africa, but due to the lack of data, only 21 countries are represented. We plan in time to extend the index to all of Africa.

Indicators of transformation (DEPTH)

The five subindexes of economic outcomes that are considered to be key features that characterize a transformed economy and that are tracked by the African Transformation Index:

Diversification of production and exports
Export competitiveness
Productivity increases
Technology upgrading
Human economic well-being

For fuller explanations of each, click above. The reasons behind the choice of these indicators are discussed in Chapter 1 of the report.

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