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The African Transformation Report is generating debate on Africa’s economic future:

Justin Lin, former Chief Economist of the World Bank: “[A] must-read for governments in Africa as well as anyone concerned about poverty reduction, job generation and economic development in Africa and other parts of the world.”

Renato Grottola, Det Norske Veritas: “This report will help the private sector to better understand Africa risk. If I had read this report some months ago, it would have helped me do my job. With the DEPTH framework, ACET has found a good way to qualify what sustainability means.”

ECDPM Talking Points: “Beyond the fun of looking at how countries rank, the ATI may help push the transformation agenda forward in a number of ways – as well as the index, the analysis accompanying the ATI is also interesting.”

The Economist blog: “…unlike many development blueprints, the ACET report is grounded in economic reality.”

CNBC Africa: “According to the African Center for Economic Transformation, by 2050 Sub-Saharan Africa will have a larger and younger workforce than China or India.”

The Hewlett Foundation Blog: “The ACET report needs to be read, shared and debated by anyone with an interest in Africa’s economic (and social) future.”

Council on Foreign Relations blog: “…the African Transformation Report is a welcome check on the exuberance of the “Africa rising” narrative.

The Ghana Monitor: “ACET’s report…conveys the overarching message that sub-Saharan African countries must concentrate on more than just expanding their GDP…”

Business Day Live: “[The] report showed an increasing realisation by African governments that investing more in manufacturing sectors could help grow economies faster.”

Engineering News: “…the study urges African governments to position economic transformation ahead of growth at the centre of their economic and development policies.”

World Bank Blog: “The African Transformation Report contributes in a pragmatic and detailed way to a new narrative for Africa.”

Click here to download the African Transformation Report Overview (PDF).

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